July 25th, 2003

The Librarian


I've never kept a diary in my life, so this is a little surreal ... sitting here, setting all this up, with a nude Semmie (well, technically not totally nude ... she does have a towel wrapped around her wet hair) advising me. After all, a girl needs the right inspiration to try new things, no? And she just came racing in here to see if I REALLY wrote THAT after I read it out to her *REALLY evil grin*. Says I'm "Dreadful! Dreadful!"

In a happy mood at the moment; had a very good phone interview with a library supply company yesterday and will be going up to Calgary for a personal interview next week. Is good to be wanted and they certainly sound as if they want *big happy smile*.

Will write more, but wanna see what my first entry looks like (and get more things hooked up).

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    Milladoiro: "A Farruquina"