JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The world never runs out of surprises, good and bad

Other species: New Family of Rodent Found

And our own: First Migrants Took Coastal Route, Research Suggests

And then there's the darker side of "our own": Gomery Witness Says He Was Threatened. The Gomery Inquiry has been going on for over a year now ... it's an investigation into massive misuse of government funds by certain members of the Liberal Party ... an investigation which has the full support of Prime Minister Paul Martin (head of the party under investigation). The Conservative Party, a large percentage of which has been freaking out over the proposed same-sex marriage law (although a few support it and have voted for it in Parliament), sees this as their opportunity to topple the government and take control. It's also likely a "getting even" thing (so VERY mature, no?) for them ... since I reached voting age, two Conservative Prime Ministers have been removed from office through non-confidence votes (IMHO, the first (Joe Clark) was not justified, but the second (Brian Mulroney) definitely was). The Bloc quebecois' involvement, BTW, is pretty much based on their hating Quebec Liberals and being pissy because the French-speaking citizens of Quebec keep voting "no" every time they hold a referendum to separate from Canada ... if the Conservatives think they'll stay loyal when this is over, then they're truly delusional.

Quite frankly, I believe that if the Conservatives had been in power at that time, their Quebec element would have done exactly the same thing (the province of Quebec, unfortunately, has a lengthy history of routine political corruption) and we'd STILL be holding this inquiry (then again, mebbe not ... they have a greater tendency to try to hide their dirty laundry, rather than publicly using stain remover on it).

When it comes down to it, if we get hit with another election, I'm voting Liberal again. I don't like seeing my tax money going into fat cats' pockets, but at least the P.M. has had the cojones to bring this out into the open and attempt to DO something about it. And, with the alternatives being Conservative leader Stephen Harper's burning and often-stated desire to turn this country into BushWorld 2 or the National Democratic Party and their history of doing to economies what locust swarms do to crops ... well, I'll stick with the devil I know, thank you very much. :p
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