JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,


Just home from an "event" at the main branch of Calgary Public Library ... little bite-sized quiches and tasty mini-tortilla meat'n'veggie sandwiches and garlic goat cheese on crackers and champagne and chocolate fondue!!!! I'm pretty sure I had all of my food groups for dinner ... champagne counts as fruit, right?

Took the c-train down and back, since parking is next to impossible (and expensive) downtown (plus riding the train made champagne indulgence okay and the station is just down the hill from my apartment). Now I finally know what station to get off at to GO to the main library; I've always known where the building is, but have only seen it while passing by in the midst of a mass of other cars ... the only way to stop is if the light happens to be red (and that's not long enough for a good book browse ***grin***) ... I've been meaning for a long while to catch the train some weekend and explore Calgary's downtown (there's a giant A&B up there somewhere), but have kept getting distracted by projects-in-progress at home. Now that I know the way, time to dig out the black&white striped fabric I bought at a garage sale a long time ago, whip up a big bookbag for myself and go for a nice reading rummage (plus try out the in-library coffee shop).

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