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Progress (of sorts)

Drove up to Calgary yesterday to look at apartments ... am now proud renter of two-bedroom unit close to work, with new berber carpet, new appliances, REAL kitchen (as opposed to those horrid, cramped galley things one usually finds in apartments), and a DISHWASHER!!!!! Manageress is British and very funny and friendly ... introduced to a couple of other tenants as we went between buildings and apartments (always a good sign when the manager/landlord KNOWS the tenants). Most encouraging to discover that this particular group of apartment buildings was the first in Calgary to join the crime-free housing program run by the Calgary police ... one does like to feel safe in a big city. Now all I've got to do is get moved :P

Bonus of trip: went to the Indigo bookstore and found "Thoroughly Modern Millie" on DVD ... I've been wanting my own copy of that for a while, since none of the rental places in town seem to have it and the public library's is so oxidized that it can only be heard and not seen (and I see that they've put it back on the shelf AGAIN, despite my turning it in with a note taped over the barcode so that they'd HAVE to notice it ).

Spent last night disassembling kitchen furniture ... it may not be IKEA, but it still all comes apart in approved flatpack style . Vacuumed and washed floor and baseboards, so now we have an open space to pile packed and ready possessions ... better than tripping over them in the few open pathways that the fully furnished house possesses.

Now off to wander around house with screwdriver and decide what to take apart next ...

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