JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

One of the great mysteries

Jockey underwear (women's, anyway) is ALWAYS on sale at The Bay. ALWAYS. It varies between 25% and 30% off, but it's ALWAYS on sale. Big signs all over as if this is a once-in-a-decade event (they DO change the signs, BTW, so somebody MUST be aware of what's going on). Granted, The Bay isn't a place I visit daily, so it's possible that there are days when Jockey isn't on sale, but what are the odds of it being on sale EVERY time I go into the store (even on days when I'm just taking a shortcut through the store into the mall, and don't even go anywhere near the lingerie department, there are sale signs at the entrances and Jockey-clad mannequins, with sale signs, on display platforms halfway up/down the escalators).

I'm not complaining ... I have no problem with getting a discount on new underwear. But I do sometimes wonder why they don't just call the sale price the regular price and keep it that way ... the savings on sale signs/tags alone would likely visibly boost their profits. :p

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