JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,


I was further along than I thought ... my side-fringed scarf is FINISHED!!!!! So strange and yet fun to be deliberately yanking out hard-worked stitches, but it looks so neat now that all the fringe is pulled! And so soft ... by comparison, a kitten's fur would feel like steel wool. Have a couple of yarn ends to weave in and then it's ready for the next cold day (which, hopefully, won't be until next December). By then I should have my double-thick, 8+ foot-long scarf finished as well; that one's for the minus-thirty-or-lower days, because I can't stand wearing hats ... this design is long enough to form a cozy hood when needed, with its own weight holding it in place around head and neck, rather than needing to be knotted ... Dr. Who (Tom Baker incarnation) eat your heart out! :D
Tags: knitting

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