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What genre do you read?
How often do you read?
Chief Librarianbarong
Annoying little kid always running around yellingshemhazai
Masturbates to gay porn on the library computerstommdroid
Number of books you borrow on average41
Browses through anatomy books for a cheap gigglehadesgirl
Looks up UFO's on a regular basisemerald14
Can't really read, but just comes to stand outside and pick on nerdsmjpg
Chances you will ever pay your fines
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Your favorite pair of underwear is
How do you get around?
Your favorite book is
Dances and sings to Boy George alone in front of his/her mirror. (Probably naked)tommdroid
Moons passing cars from his/her window.timcharmorbien
Dresses up in grandmother's nightgown and makeup.kat1392
Plays in the puddles.lelain
Practices for next year's wet t-shirt contest.anotheranon
Gets achy joints.semmie17
Reads smutty romance novels.hadesgirl
Masturbates, sleeps, repeats if needed.sealwhiskers
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My Life as a Circus Freak - bysealwhiskers
(cost) $11
Why I Failed Gym - bykat1392
The Big Book of People Who Scare Me - byhadesgirl
Humbleness...and Other Traits I Posses - byanotheranon
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