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Have been giggling my way ...

... through a delightful Brit series titled Haggard (I know the IMDB info is skeletal, but it should plump up in a few days ... I've dutifully submitted a massive chunk of data on episodes, guest stars, etc.). Even though it was filmed and broadcast in the early 90s (and based on a novel written in the 70s), 'twas new to me ... the Regency adventures of a drunken squire and his rake of a son as they attempt various schemes to refill the depleted family coffers. Costumes that I know would delight anotheranon, excellent sets, and marvelous comedic acting, including the surprise of a scenery-chewing (hell, what else can you do when your character is named Mad Jack Haggard?) guest appearance by Paul Darrow , better known as Blakes 7's Kerr Avon.

Definitely one for everyone's "to watch" list. :-)
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