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Of interest to the writers ...

Brooke McEldowney* is taking a month off from drawing his Pibgorn strip in order to do research for the next instalment of the saga. During this time, he's rerunning the very first story in the series, with each segment accompanied by comments on how it was created/inspired; it's a rare opportunity to electronically sit at a professional storyteller's feet (without paying a fee) and learn how he "dunnit". Granted, this is graphic storytelling, but there's also plotting, character development, and all the other steps familiar to you folks who write without pictures. ;-)

The commentary began yesterday, with this strip, here's today's, and I'll leave you to carry on from here (if you don't want to add yet another bookmark/favorite to your own computer, there's a permanent link to the daily strip on my LJ homepage). Have fun!

*If this name means nothing to you, McEldowney is also the artist/writer of 9 Chickweed Lane, home of Solange, the Siamese cat. :-)
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