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It was inevitable after my recent knitting post ... today I decided to top off a long and relaxing visit to the hairdresser (new haircut, no disasters, but shemhazai haircut from hell description fascinated J & N ... J. now pondering possibilities of offering free haircut to soon-to-visit friend of his father's, who he doesn't particularly like, and having an "accident") by finding my way to Gina Brown's ... a yarn shop that I'd been hearing good things about, but hadn't visited yet (I did try to find it a couple of months ago, but trying to read street numbers while being tailgated by assholes turned me off the idea ... today, because is miserable snowing-y day, the streets were emptier and I was able to find the place without risk to my vehicle. :P

Inside ... TREASURE TROVE!!!!! All kinds of exotic yarns (note to anotheranon: no jelly yarn in stock at the moment, but the salesclerk I asked said that they'll likely be getting some in later in the year) ... chenilles, velours, glittery ribbons, synthetic fibre that looks/feels like paper, huge hanks of one-of-a-kind handspun, hand-dyed, feathery, furry, eyelash, Noro from Japan, silks, wools, synthetics, cottons, mohairs, angoras, alpacas, and every possible combination of all of the above, plus more. And tons of knitted up sample swatches and garments ... the hallmark of the BEST yarn shops. Wandered around for AGES, wanting to buy some of everything (I definitely want to go back and possess some of that giant, thumb-thick, hand-dyed chenille ... and the 15mm needles needed to knit it), but restrained myself with the reminder that I might want to eat at least once before next payday. So, along with everything else I'm collecting, I now own two skeins of Linie 43 Punta in colour #23 and two skeins of a velour yarn, Patons Bohemian, in "Wandering Wines" (the colour in photo here is terrible, but I wasn't able to find a better one ... all the online dealers are using the same piccie ... it's really various deep shades of wine and chocolate brown, with none of the greenish tones showing in the photo). The Patons came with a free pattern for a scarf using the dropped-stitch fringe technique I was raving about the other day (this one has interlocking, looped fringe, like links in a chain, down the two long sides ... there was a completed model on display in the store). :-))))

Now, inspired by the snow, I should go and poke through my vase of needles for the correct sizes (yes, I keep my knitting needles in a vase on my sewing desk ... VERY convenient)
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