JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A question for the computer/HTML experts out there

I don't have a problem or anything ... I'm just curious. My cataloguing software has a built-in HTML generator which I use to create my online book/movielists. Exactly the same data goes into each list, e.g., the booklists sorted by author, by title, and by call number all contain the same information ... it's just displayed in a different order.

Because each file contains the same data, I'm just wondering ... why are the title-sorted files smaller than all the others? For the books, at the moment, the .htm files for author and call number sorts are each 1.23MB, but the title file, containing the same data, is only 1.20MB. The same is true for the movie and music lists ... the title file is always smaller.

Anybody know the answer?

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