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Hit the sales at the local fabric shops last night after work ... 'twas good timing ... triple discount day for members! :-)))))))))))))))))))))

New patterns: Vogue 2709 and New Look 6952 (after spotting it in an Australian Stitches review ... I made a similar shirt pattern in high school and liked it very much ... I think that holograph cotton I bought will do nicely here).

Fabric: 3 metres of dark-rust-coloured woven-gauze-type, with bands of fancy designs in the weave and also woven with elastic thread, so that it has a bit of stretch to it. 4 metres of reversible black and red stretch jacquard in a flower and leaf pattern. Might be interesting to make a second Miyake top in that ... one half will be black with a red pattern and other red with a black pattern. 4 metres of wool suiting in a tweedy cross between sage and light tan, subtly embroidered in the same shade. Plus remnant treasures: a dark wine velvety fabric and permanently crinkled/rumpled forest green stuff ... both from the bin in the upholstery/drapery section, but having a soft drape that will make them comfortable to wear (I was thinking vest/jacket linings when I grabbed the green).

Threw in a few spools of thread (buy one, get two free) and a couple of antiqued metal clasps. Now all I gotta do is decide what to make out of what. :-))))
Tags: sewing

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