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Some much-needed silliness

If you died, what soft drink would be renamed in your memory? by rkdrummer216
Date of DeathFebruary 28, 2023
Soft DrinkSierra Mist
Why you?The company is celebrating that you have not hurt yourself in your years of mishandling the product and that it therefore no longer has to worry that you will sue should you become injured.
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Your Pet Dinosaur by DragonSpire
Will it Eat You?Yes, it'll rip you limb from limb.
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Your LJ Babylon 5 Cast by PsiProne
Series/Spinoff Title
Station Commandersealwhiskers
Executive Officermjpg
Security Chiefshemhazai
Resident Telepathemerald14
Narn Ambassadorhadesgirl
Centauri Ambassadorlelain
The Traitoranotheranon
Villainous Psi-Copsemmie17
The Agent of Shadowskat1392
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And, while we're on a theme ...

Your Babylon 5 Psi Corps / Telepath spinoff series by PsiProne
Series Name
Rogue Telepath Leader P10 or P11mjpg
P12 Psi Cophadesgirl
Psi Cop's Ltemerald14
Betrays Psi-Corps, Joins Rogues, P5shemhazai
Betrays the Rogues, P9sealwhiskers
Teep Sympathizer, Mundanebarong
Adjusted by Vorlons to a P13 or higheranotheranon
Mad Scientist creates deadly Teep viruslelain
Rogue who sacrifices self, starts a waranotheranon
EarthForce Officer, Latent Teep, must choose sidestimcharmorbien
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