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Farscape quizzes!

Your Farscape Spinoff LJ Cast by PsiProne
Series/Spinoff Name
The Lost Astronautmjpg
The Hot Peacekeepertommdroid
The Mystic Blue Delviantimcharmorbien
The Warrior Luxonsealwhiskers
The Annoying Hynerianlelain
The Leviathan's Pilotsemmie17
The Calculating Villainbarong
The Seductive Villainessshemhazai
The Spoiled Interionemerald14
The Resourceful Kalishkat1392
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Be a Farscape Guest Character!
by astrogirl2
ProfessionInept criminal
Claim to FameKnowing the secret to wormhole technology, but refusing to tell
Cause of DeathGot in Scorpy's way
Fan ReactionA small, eccentric group of fans becomes obsessed with you, but nobody else can see the attraction.
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LJ Farscape by full4zaccordion
John Crichtonmjpg
Aeryn Sunemerald14
Ka D'Argoshemhazai
Plot summaryCrichton and D'Argo wake up in the same bed after a bad case of beer goggles, and the rest of the ep. is filled with awkward conversation
Dies, but somehow comes back to lifesealwhiskers
# of shots of Crichton's arse27
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Who will be your Farscape date?
by Joykinz
lucky number
You will dateAeryn Sun
the date will take placeat a peackeepers banquet
the date will endwith sex
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The Ultimate Farscape AU by kixxa
Episode nameThe Good, The Bad...And The Scorpy
What happensFurlow sells John's mojo to Scorpius
Which leads toBraca bursting into tears
Which leads toMoya (and Pilot) getting very frightened
Guest star who has hot sex with Rygelsemmie17
Guest star who has hot sex with Johntimcharmorbien
Episode from the warped keyboard ofshemhazai
Ben Browder's stunt doublekat1392
Claudia Black's stunt doublebarong
Sprog (aged 1 to 5) played byanotheranon
Sprog (aged 6 to 50) played bymjpg
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This last result is really puzzling ... but what the heck ... :p

SIP: Sin-In-Pants. You are John Chrichton, and you
kick ASS! Though the people around you may not
understand anything you say, it's all right
because your're the man with the plan. Plus,
nobody looks better in leather.

Who the FRELL are you? A Farscape Personality Quiz.
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