JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Silliness from tommdroid

She may be treacherous (although I doubt it ... more likely that she's a deep undercover triple agent for the Valar), but she still knows how to brighten up a girl's day! :-))))

Lord of the Rings Adventure by tostitos_way
Your weapon
Think you'll destroy the Ring in the end?
You start fromRivendell
Eye Candy Elfanotheranon
Ambiguously Gay Best Friendshemhazai
Mysterious Strangermjpg
The Comic Reliefsemmie17
Your Treacherous Guidetommdroid
Chances you'll succeed: 95%
Do you destroy the Ring?No
The Fate of Middle-EarthIt gets devoured by The Nothing
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Tags: memes and quizzes

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