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Today ...

... has been one of those days that should be erased from time. Nothing major (major would be okay ... you cope with it, it's over with) ... just 85 bazillion LITTLE interruptions, which is far FAR worse; I can handle a certain number of interruptions without losing my focus, but there is a saturation point at which I become unable to concentrate on anything for the rest of the day.

And then, in the afternoon, a little ray of sunshine when the copy of Liberty Meadows, v. 3 that I'd ordered was delivered to my desk. Something to live through the rest of the day for!!! (Yes, THAT's the kind of day it's been, and remember, to put it in perspective, that I LOVE my work) Resisted even the tiniest of peeks until now ... I'm gonna change into comfy clothes, get something to drink, put some good music on the stereo, curl up on the couch and enjoy some major league silliness ... if I'm lucky, this one might have "Ace" Frank and the Killer Pokemon in it! :-))))))))))))))))))
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