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The universe really HAS to start getting organized!

In December of 2004, I ordered an "out-of-print" DVD from Alibris. I've never had any trouble with Alibris orders in the past ... either my stuff arrives within a week or two (they keep costs down by shipping via regular post) or I get an email telling me they've canceled the order because the supplier I chose has already sold the item. No problem.

Alibris sent me an email on December 27, 2004, telling me that the DVD had been shipped. Hurrah! I spent the next week happily anticipating seeing The Snapper again (while mentally thanking tommdroid for reminding me about this charming little film). The days roll by. No parcel. No parcel. No parcel.

On Jan. 26, 2005, I emailed Alibris (they're supposed to be contacted if the loot hasn't arrived after 30 days) and corresponded back and forth very civilly with one of their customer service people, who apologized, promised that my credit card would be refunded, and said that I'd get an official refund notification in my email in about 2 weeks. I was also encouraged to re-order, but said that I would wait, because it was not outside the bounds of probability that the package could appear out of the blue in three months (I once mailed a birthday gift to one of my sisters that eventually arrived two months later, with a postmark dated six weeks AFTER the day that I had mailed the thing, so I KNOW that packages get "discovered" by the postal service) and I didn't want to end up with 2 copies; I also promised to notify Alibris if the DVD eventually showed up.

Today I got the refund notification from Alibris. I also got the DVD. Veeeerrrry interesting ... the postmark and the U.S. customs form, signed and dated by the shipper, were both dated Jan. 31, 2005 (five days AFTER I complained). Inside, a packing slip, with instructions that the product should be mailed no later than two business days from Sunday, December, 26, 2004. Clearly not the post office that was at fault ... this was the distributor (Cornwall Entertainment) who failed to follow instructions.

So I've fired off an email direct to the Alibris customer service rep, describing the date thing, etc., and authorizing them to rebill me (if I've got it, I'm happy to pay for it ... that's only right). And now ... I GET TO WATCH "THE SNAPPER"!!!!!!! ***happy dancing***

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