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Quizzes from tommdroid LOL!!!!!!

Your Penetration Personality is Oral.

People ask you all the time if you were a vacuum cleaner in a previous life.

You don't worry with the formalities of names most times.

Just getting someone in your mouth makes you night.

A little less conversation and a little more action is your motto.

What Is Your Penetration Personality?

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You are Peach!

Sweet, innocent, and always getting locked away in a tower by some evil over-sized lizard.
You love the idea of your lover fighting the bad guys and risking his life you save you.
You romantic sap!

Which female video game character do you most resemble in bed?

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overdose on poppers

You Will Die Overdosing on Poppers!

Yup, even if you're not quite sure what poppers are right now...

Your kinky ways will lead you to them - and you'll be hooked.

Don't be so sad, a freaky mofo like yourself has to go sooner or later

Be glad it's not from a one eyed French midget. Don't pretend you don't know!

How Will You Die Having Sex?

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