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Pinned and cut out fabric and lining last night and assembled another vest tonight ... all sewn and turned and pressed ... just have the shoulder seams left; I always find that bit of a fully lined vest to be tricky and when both fabrics are slippery, I prefer to do it when I have most of what passes for my wits about me. :p This time 'round I was working with the gold bamboo-patterned satin ... I discovered that it's more loosely woven, flimsier and slipperier than the black butterfly satin, so was a bit more of a challenge as it kept playfully flexing itself off-grain and distorting itself when I was trying to get it pinned to the lining before sewing. After this one, the red floral satin will seem child's play, with its tighter weave and stiffer feel ... it'll seem so cooperative! :-)

I'm afraid, despite good intentions and resolving to "finish what I've got first", I indulged in more sewing goodies. The least of my sins was a length of hologram cotton ... black covered with a toothbrush-spatter-like pattern that shimmers and changes colour depending on angle and lighting. Haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet, but it was too shiny/sparkly to resist.

The greater sin ... well I suppose I can blame that on a co-worker who told me I should check out a particular fabric shop in Kensington (an area northwest of downtown Calgary ... one of those neighbourhoods where you park the car and spend the entire day wandering 'round poking into the neat shops) ... then added that it was closing, so I'd better go soon. So, since we were let off work at noon yesterday as a reward for doing a good job on the annual inventory, I got. This place specialized in fabrics for eveningwear, weddings, etc. and the remains of the stock were 50% off. So I wandered out with a small fortune in the form of three metres of handwoven cream-coloured silk, four metres of some shimmery, slinky, velvety stuff in a dark teal, two metres of burned out velvet in an even darker shade of teal (the burnout done in a twisty, turny, maze-like pattern), and a big handful of different-sized shell buttons in rich shades of purple/blue and rust/bronze (I confess it ... I have a thing for shell buttons and jewelry and I drool over abalone and paui shell the way other people drool over rubies and emeralds ***grin***). Dipped into my savings account for this splurge (even at 50% off, I racked up nearly $200.00), but I think it was worth it ... a girl's gotta have a few purties hanging in her closet alongside the practicals, no?
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