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My Bunny Lake is Missing DVD arrived today!!! Finally, FINALLY I get to see this incredible film without a ton o' commercials (my mother taped it for me several years ago, when it was on in the wee hours of the morning where she lives, and I'm sure you're all familiar with the twenty-commercials-every-five-minutes syndrome of late late movies) rupturing the suspense! This movie was never released on commercial VHS and the DVD was just released on January 25 ... I HIGHLY recommend that, if you've never seen it before, you hassle your local rental place/library into getting it in. Keir Dullea's performance would have Johnny Depp taking notes (why this man never became a megastar is truly baffling when one looks at what he did in early roles) ... you'll understand what I mean once you've watched the WHOLE thing. Laurence Olivier is, naturally, excellent, as is Carol Lynley. And Noel Coward, in a supporting role, adds an extra bit of creepiness to it all.

Something unusual about this film ... the resolution of the puzzle is completely different from that in Evelyn Piper's novel. The great thing is that both endings work! So, even if you've read/seen one, you still get to be surprised by the other! :-))))

Put it on your must-see lists, folks ... you won't regret it!
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