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Something to be even prouder of than number of books written

trivia from the AALT members-only page

Library Trivia
Who is the only author to have written books that fit into every Dewey Decimal classification, and some fiction, too? Isaac Asimov, who wrote over 500 books in his lifetime (1920-1992)

Yesterday I don't think I would have even been capable of copying and pasting that ... stayed home yesterday with blocked sinuses and a squeaky voice and a skull full of fluffy stuff that was 100% incapable of coherent thought; also with a bit of guilt, since at work we're trying to shift as much stuff as possible before inventory on Feb. 1-2, but only a bit, since I figured I'd spend 2 days fixing up screw-ups if I tried to catalogue in that lack-of-mental state. So sat on the couch, consuming much peach spice tea with honey, knitting a scarf, and watching tapes of nearly all of season 4 of Farscape.

Went in today, with voice alternating between husky whisper and squeak, but with all brain cylinders firing more or less properly ... learned that I had picked a good day to actually use a sick day, as something in the front server had gone kablooey just after 6:30 a.m. and computers weren't operational until just before 11:00 a.m. Learning that if I HAD come in, half my day would have been wasted put an end to that previously mentioned bit of guilt. :-))))

Local climate staying much improved (THANK GOODNESS), with a bit more snow disappearing each day (probably the drastic temperature change that triggered my sinuses' rebellion). I emphasize "local" ... the warmup hasn't been so nice for other parts of the province. Makes me VERY glad I don't live in the provincial capital. =O

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