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Nasty cold update

This morning was just as frigid as was threatened. But car started just fine, hardly any frost to scrape off windshield and I got to work in time for the monthly staff meeting/announcements. Only to find that I couldn't turn the ignition key all the way off (it jammed in the position that keeps the radio playing, but the engine off) and thus could not remove it from the car! I chalk this up to putting a nice warm metal key into a damned cold metal ignition slot ... kinda the same effect as having your tongue stick to a metal post (and my drive to work is too short to warm the thing up). So, after wrestling with it for a few minutes, and after restarting and shutting off the car a couple of times in the hope that that would loosen things up (the other couple of times this has happened in the 14+ years I've owned the car, this has worked, but not today!), I moved the car to a customer slot instead of my assigned shady staff parking spot, hoping that the sun would thaw things out a bit (one thing you can count on with damned cold weather ... the high pressure area that causes it also guarantees cloudless skies). Detached all my other keys from the ring and locked up with the spare car key and hoped for the best (and also missed most of the staff meeting). Went out at lunchtime to try again ... ignition area had sun shining right on it and key came out! Started up and took a spin 'round the block just for the battery's sake ... had turned off radio, fan, etc., but you never know what else could be sucking away at the juice when the thing is switched on like that (my previous car had a little light outside the glove compartment that used to switch itself on in the middle of the night and drain the battery ... I finally had to smash it to put an end to the problem).

Just checked Environment Canada ... down to -31C overnight, but at least no windchill warnings. And, supposedly, up to -8C by Monday! YAY!!!!!

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