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More indulgences

On my way home from the hairdresser yesterday, stopped at the fabric shop to buy a replacement zipper for the one I wrecked while sewing linen pants over the holidays; once you accidently get the zipper pull right OFF the zipper, it's game over unless you call in a substitute .:p As anotheranon will confirm, it's hard to walk out with just what you came for and nothing more, especially when the local stores seem to be in permanent sale mode.

Soooo ... since, despite the fact that the fraying is a nuisance, I bought two more Chinese silk brocades (the butterfly vest looks great and got rave reviews at work, so I'm onto a good thing here). One length in red with tiny flowers and leaves (this picture isn't an exact match ... the flowers and their density are the same, but the curving stems on mine have a different pattern that doesn't create diamond shapes where they touch). The other is in gold, with bamboo leaves in a paler gold and bronze (didn't find it illustrated on the site, but if you want a feel for the gorgeousness of these fabrics, click here to see an excellent selection of colours and designs. Wish my store had had the dragonfly design (and some of the other colours ... they mainly stocked blacks and reds) ... so very Lexxy, no? If I can find another brocade site with my exact fabric patterns, I'll post it later.

Also a bit of pattern indulgence ... I was intrigued by the Vogue 2556 dress after reading the review in Australian Stitches, so got that. When and if I'll ever get 'round to tackling it will depend on whether I see the "right" fabrics/colours ... in the meantime I'll just blame anotheranon for getting me interested in the engineering of Miyake patterns ***GRIN***. I also looked for an overshirt-type pattern, since I'm fond wearing oversized shirts (usually purchased from the menswear section of secondhand stores) over leggings and sewing my own will let me expand my colour range (avoided making shirts for YEARS because of primitive buttonholer on my old sewing machine). Settled on Vogue 7700 for that need. And, just for fun, also got Vogue 7215 because it made me think piecing thoughts (I've been buying extra fabric for my vests ... a jacket containing bits from all of them would be fun to have.

When I'm going to do any/all of this is anyone's guess ... but the planning and imagining is a big part of the fun!

UPDATE: This is the pattern of my bamboo brocade, just not the colorway that I have (mine is, as I said, a gold background, with the lighter leaves in a paler gold and the darker leaves in bronze). More scrummy brocade images here, plus a few other VERY interesting adult odds'n'ends. ;-)
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