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Sent home from work at 2:30 p.m. today ... the highways to the north, east and west of Calgary have been closed due to very nasty snow and blowing and there's a second stormfront on the way. ULS is in the southern part of the city, so they decided to get us all home before things got REALLY nasty (staff who live outside of Calgary had already left earlier, to try to beat the road closures). Not terribly cold (only -5C according to my balcony thermometer), but the wind has a chilly edge to it and the streets ARE in terrible condition. Time for hot choccie and interesting reading and good music!!!!!

P.S. Speaking of interesting reading, found a couple of treasures on an Indigo sale table last night (sale tables still beat the company discount when it comes to book prices): In the Devil's Garden : A Sinful History of Forbidden Food, by Stewart Lee Allen, and, Buried Alive : The Terrifying History of Our Most Primal Fear, by Jan Bondeson (anything by Jan Bondeson is engrossing reading)
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