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Still here, work still closed to the public and on 4-day weeks, though for May we've switched to closed on Mondays instead of on Fridays. I'm still working at home whenever possible and also still healthy; hope all of you are as well.

I continued my buying-yarn-from-vendors-that-I-would-have-bought-from-at-the-fibre-shows for a couple more weeks. Then this week I scrolled through my favourites on Ravelry and bought patterns to do my bit to support designers whose work I like; sad to hear that so many of them are being harassed for freebies as if they don't deserve to get paid for their work so they can pay their bills. (there are a zillion free patterns on Ravelry and other sites online so the harassers are just selfish and greedy)

Here's the squishies that have arrived in the mail since my last post:

Three-skein shawl set from Polka Dot Creek: L-R "Grey", "Grellow", and "Duckling". Absolutely HAD to buy this the moment I saw it because "Madness is a Strange Colour" is my favourite episode of "Nebulous"

Followed the next week by three skeins of Over the Moon Yarns Atomic Sock in "Mars Landing", "Sonic Flare", and "Radio Active" colourways.

And this shawl is remaining my current knitting obsession:

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