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Life in the great indoors

Work has gone to a four-day work week for April (closed on Fridays) and May (closed on Mondays) and we're all encouraged to work at home whenever possible; I can do part of my job via remote but there's only so much searching/editing I can do and then I have to go in and handle the books. So I've been doing three days in (Monday-Wednesday), one day (Thursday) at home. So far so good. I live within walking distance of my workplace so doing that on days it's not icy (we're still getting fresh sleet and snow every few days) and catching the bus when walking conditions are unsafe or my knee is in a bad mood due to all the walking. City transit adopted a rear-door-only rule early on so passengers don't come near the drivers and there are stickers on the seats marking no-sitting zones to keep the few riders well apart. Also means they aren't checking passes, collecting tickets, so technically free rides, but I bought my April pass and will buy my May pass to do my bit towards operations even though no driver will see either. Fuel costs and drivers are paid, pandemic or no. And of course I've been reading and knitting. Moved the funds I had earmarked for now-cancelled fibre events into PayPal and have been online shopping vendors who were supposed to be at them to compensate. Have received colourful squishy goodness from Fibre Goddess and Cloud 9 Fiberworks so far. This entry was originally posted at https://jlsjlsjls.dreamwidth.org/1388761.html. Please comment here or there (using OpenID), whichever is most convenient for you.
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