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And something bound off = something new on the needles ...

Turns out to be those same needles too as they are the size I need for the new thing as well. New thing being Hunter Hammersen's pure genius reversible cables. Pure genius because while regular cables look good on one side of the knitting and unattractive on the other (which is why they're really only suitable for sweaters, mittens, hats, socks, and other garments on only sees one side of) and reversible cables (up until now) look the same on both sides (making them good for scarves and shawls), Hunter has come up with reversible cables that are different on each side and produced hat and fingerless mitten patterns that can be worn either way out. The problem is, as she has pointed out, making up your mind which side you want to have showing. Since both sides are lovely, with soft wavy cables on one side and angular cables on the other, I've opted to figure out how to knit her in-the-round instructions flat (with her enthusiastic encouragement) and am making a scarf so that both cables can be visible at the same time. So far, so good … Yarn is Indigodragonfly's MCN Sport (80% superwash merino wool/10% cashmere/10%nylon) in "Canoe Up To The Beer Store" colourway. Lovely changeable-with-the-light colourway; top photo taken with the sun out, bottom photo taken with sun gone behind thin cloud. This entry was originally posted at https://jlsjlsjls.dreamwidth.org/1382739.html. Please comment here or there (using OpenID), whichever is most convenient for you.
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