JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Thought I'd already posted this ...

But obviously not. Got home from Ontario on January 7, a day to get myself reoriented and what passes for organized, and then back to work on the 9th. Good to see so much family despite the sad circumstances. Several trips with sisters to Mom's house to sort and clean and make decisions and reminisce. And all of us giving thanks that Mom wasn't a hoarder … there was some of Dad's clothes that she was hanging onto but most collected stuff was tons of albums of family photos, books, movies, music … things everyone in the family values. Brought home a pen and ink drawing I'd done in tenth grade, a cross-stitch I'd worked and given to Mom as an adult, some family documents that I need to scan for everyone, a couple of old paperbacks that I'd read often (neither sister interested in them), and Dad's necktie knotting chart (already scanned and emailed to male family members who were interested) For your entertainment and education, here's the pen and ink drawing (an art class assignment but the subject was a commission for my grandfather; paler edges are due to the matte inside the frame) and the necktie chart. This entry was originally posted at https://jlsjlsjls.dreamwidth.org/1381434.html. Please comment here or there (using OpenID), whichever is most convenient for you.

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