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Knitting progress (and making sure I don't accidentally run out of yarn)

Reversa continues; now just starting to transition from green to wine.

Plus two packages of pretties in my mail this week. Both arrived a day ahead of when Canada Post tracking said they would, a trend I'm happy to have happen all the time.

At top, one skein of Handmaiden Mini Maiden (50% silk/50% wool) in "Olive" colourway. Planning to pair this with a skein of "Pumpkin" already in my stash. Below, three skeins of discontinued Colinette Jitterbug (100% merino wool) in "Purple Passion", "Velvet Leaf", and "Cherry" colourways.

And three skeins of Far Marmot Knits Sock It To Me (80% superwash merino wool/20% nylon) in "Celtic" colourway; all the rusts, golds, and some-still-greens of autumn leaves where I grew up (trees here mainly turn yellow, with an occasional pale orange ... our winter temps dip too low for the high-sugar trees that produce the reds, rusts, and vivid oranges to survive)

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