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Baby sweater!

Well, toddler sweater, actually. When I had the chance to score some of the specially dyed yarn that makes a rainbow striped yoke, bluegreen body, and green cuffs/bottom ribbing, I ordered the large skein. Parents-to-be are pleased by the notion of a sweater to grow into (it's their first and thus they'll be inundated with newborn-sized stuff). So did some math, some checking of project notes made by others using this yarn, and result is I'm using the numbers for size 3. The sweater (called Ziggy Zag) is meant to be a bit oversized so that means it'll be useful for a decent amount of time before it's outgrown; also planning to give it extra-long cuffs that can be folded back at first and then unfolded to extend the sleeve length when needed. Planning, we duz it!

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