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A double whammy of yarns

There is something better than getting new yarn in the mail; getting new yarn in the mail two days in a row!

On Thursday three new skeins in new colourways arrived from Gauge Dye Works. From the left: Shawl-size skeins of MCN (Merino/cashmere/nylon) in Azurite E (gradient shading from bright green to pumpkin orange) and Azurite D (gradient shading from coral to pink to purple); sock skein of Merino Twist in Small Batch 021 (a rogue bright version of Azurite D that only happened in a few skeins). Skein on the far right is one I got in April; also MCN in a special baby sweater version of the White Light colourway which I had given, still in its opague shipment wrappings, to the expecting parents to open and take home while they perused knitting patterns. I'd deliberately got one of the skeins large enough for a larger/toddler sweater (since they'll get tons of newborn stuff and its useful to have something on hand for the kid to grow into) and now that the pattern has been chosen the yarn is back home with me and finally photographed.

On Thursday more one-of-a-kind handspuns from Black Sheep Goods were in my mailbox; I'd won a $25.00 gift certificate from her in early April but it took a while to make up my mind. Yarns arrived in her trademark gift wrapping with "tag" of sample yarn, handmade wooden buttons, and tea:

And inside, one skein of art yarn called Supernova and a pair of fraternal twin skeins named Whimsical Forest. I've linked Tammy's descriptions of these yarns since, being the person who spun them, her words are the better than anything I could say to explain them.

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