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Calgary Fibre Shindig loot!!!

Aka how JLS spent her workplace Christmas bonus which I kept half-forgetting I had (it was in cash in big bills that most of the small local shops I deal with don't like to take and I never managed to get to an ATM that took deposits until today). Anyhoooooooooooo ... I'm also calling this the day I did my bit to help support seven local indie/home businesses (eight if you count my visiting the also-indie comics shop on the way home). Very much my preferred mode of spending ... the money stays in the local economy (and I work for a local family-owned business so that counts as part of the cycle as well). And I still have the entertainment of making ahead of me. :-)

Project bags: Sew Shannon black/rainbow cats small bag and Two Sticks and Ewe sheep-covered big bag

Yarns: Polka Dot Creek Classic Sock 3-skein set ("Purple Pop", "Circus", and "Turquoise" colourways), Sea Turtle Fiber Arts Ridley Sock 6-miniskein set ("Fire Station" colourway), 2 skeins of Boss Lady Yarn Co. Miss Independent ("Laura's Emerald" colourway), Fibre Goddess handspun 75% bluefaced leicester wool/25% tussah silk ("Modern Mandarin" colourway), and 3 skeins of Fibre Goddess Cash ("Lady in Red", "Love Is A Battlefield", and "Off With Their Heads" colourways.

Also: Coco Knits stitch markers bought at the Sea Turtle Fiber Arts booth (brown cylindrical container), 2 Flock Fibre Studio clip-on stitch markers, and 2 sets of Creek Gardens Crafts beaded stitch markers bought at the Polka Dot Creek booth. I was on a mission to find tiny stitch markers because the big companies don't manufacture them ... the smallest commercial size is too large for the needle sizes I use the most.

Now I have to start saving for the next local fibre event, which is happening about a month from now ...

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