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On Thursday ...

... my coworkers and I were sent home two hours early because the city was on a severe winter storm watch and thus it was the whole getting everybody home safely before the big snow dump hit (it had been snowing steadily and heavily all week but this was to be the grand finale ... the whole thing actually ended up missing hitting us but nobody's complaining about that)

Anyway, when I got home this was in my mailbox, much to my surprise. I knew I'd ordered it and the package had shipped and landed in the Calgary sorting office early that morning. But I'd also been a recipient of an email from Canada Post stating that delivery wouldn't likely be until next week due to the delays the ongoing weather had already been causing. So happy happy squooshy yarny surprise from post office!!! And such glorious saturated colours ... this is my first purchase from this Canadian indie dyer and I'm definitely going to be buying from her again.

Left and centre: two skeins of Colour Adventures Merino Light (single-ply 100% merino) in "Olive Grove" and "Blackberry" colourways. And on the right: Colour Adventures BFL Superwash Sock (75% Blue Face Leicester wool, 25% nylon) in "Starry, Starry Night" colourway.

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Tags: knitting

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