JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Knitting progress

Just past halfway; now the rows will get shorter as I taper the second half towards pointiness to mirror the first half. A new shade of fuchsia is peeking out of the ball (should end up about where the orange is in the first half)

Knitting fraternal twin socks at work (I can add one full round of stitches to both socks during a coffee break) teaches one some interesting things about one's co-workers. Some think the whole fraternal thing is a cool concept, some are just interested in the colours but not what they're becoming, some are very disturbed by the mere existence of non-perfectly-matching socks and keep asking me if I'm sure about this (pointing out to them that there are fraternal socks currently visible on my feet doesn't convince them that I am). And one of the guys is still fascinated by the engineering even though he's already watched two previous pairs grow into completed socks that I now wear. (no he's not flirting, just one of those minds full of curiosity and the burn to learn). :-)

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