JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Greetings from the plague pit

The entirely holiday break, from the 22nd until a couple of days ago, pretty much revolved around a struggle to breathe ... my sinuses were, daily, cranking out what I swear was more than my own body weight in thick'n'chunky dark green crud, my eyes were equally full of gunk to the point where my lashes were glueing themselves together if I blinked too slowly and when I did manage an hour of sleep then they had to be soaked with a hot washcloth before I could even try to open them; an hour of sleep was the most I could manage before I was in coughing spasms trying to get air. Somehow, miraculously, this thing never got into my lungs ... all the coughing was triggered by my throat drying out due to blocked sinuses making me breath through my mouth.

In short, loads and loads of fun and sleep/oxygen deprivation; it took me until day four to have two brain cells manage to rub together and remind me that I actually do own a humidifier (was in the depths of the storage room as I haven't used the thing since I moved up here ... happily there was also an unused filter stored with it)

So the entire week was a write-off, revolving around steaming self in the shower, hot liquids, and lots of tissues. And one very quick, well-bundled-up (we had -30 wind chills all week as well) trip across the street on Dec. 27 for more juice and tissues. Grocery shopping not needed as I had already stockpiled food and then was hardly eating anything due to illness-induced lack of appetite.

Been a very long time since I was this sick and I have no problem with it being an even longer time (or never) before I am again. ;p

Still dealing with the last traces of the thing; on the plus side I've got the first two weeks of January off so at least it's not back to work after an entirely lost holiday week.

And thus I'm now starting to do stuff I'd been planning to do between the two holidays ... better late than never, no?

Which means the Scarfmas project (official name: "Apex" designed by Josh Ryks-Robinsky ... this is the fourth year he's done the Scarfmas thing) finally got finished on Thursday night and then washed and blocked yesterday:

And another project from the finished-but-needs-blocking heap is now soaking in a Eucalan bath in preparation for its turn ...

If I get all that stuff blocked it'll be like gaining a whole new winter wardrobe!!!

P.S. Almost forgot ... of course there's something new on my needles, using one of the skeins of one-of-a-kind handspun I bought at the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair in November (my first time doing the big loop patterning on the left):

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