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Knitting progress - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Knitting progress
Taking advantage of daylight (which I only see on weekends at this time of year) to catch up on some photos.

I bound off my Sackville Shawl over a month ago and only realized this week that I hadn't taken a picture of it. Still needs blocking to open up the lace but this is pretty much what the final shape will be:

More pretty yarns were in my mailbox on Monday ... same dyer as the yarn for the Sackville Shawl but specially (magically as far as I'm concerned) dyed so that each skein has the patterning for a pair of matching socks or mitts (or fraternal twins if one opts to do one in the opposite direction). From left to right, "Sweet Baby James", "Come Together", and "Purple Haze" (yes, there is a music theme to these)

And I'm participating in Josh Ryks-Robinsky's annual Scarfmas for the first time this year; surprise pattern is doled out in twelve segments over twelve days. Today was Day 3 so that's how far along I am (Day 4 instructions will be released sometime after midnight in the designer's timezone):
P.S. Day 4 must have arrived in my inbox while I was writing this post ... so now I'm set for tomorrow's knitting!

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