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Knitting progress of the needle-free kind ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Knitting progress of the needle-free kind ...
Have had my Fibre Arts Fair purchases sitting on my desk so I can contemplate them and figure out what they want to be. The big pink handspun was easy ... I've been in love with The Rain Outside for a long time and that yarn couldn't be more perfect for that if I'd had it custom made. I think I'll omit the please-snag-me loopy edging, though, and give it a smooth edge instead (that should be the chocolate brown end of the gradient)

The smaller skein of handspun (reddish/rust/orange/fuchsia) was harder to figure out; I did wind it into a ball to see exactly how the colours were arranged and it's a long slow colour change through about a half-dozen gorgeous shades. Definitely want to use every possible bit of it. A top-down shawl that can be knitted longer/wider until the yarn runs out is one option but the colour bands would get narrower as the shawl grows and I don't really want that effect this time. Plus there's trying to allow for enough yarn to bind off that final really long edge. So a side-to-side crescent with an edging pattern in short repeats is the best bet: weigh the yarn, start at one tip with the fabric getting wider until one reaches the halfway point of the yarn (by weight), then start narrowing the shawl to finish with the other tip (with only a very few stitches to bind off). After looking at a ton of side-to-side patterns and eliminating a lot due to long edging patterning (the longer the repeat, the less flexibility for size adjustments) I've decided on Åsa Tricosa's Atalanta Sideways as the winner. I especially like the edging; short repeat designs are usually simple but this one is nicely fancy as well. (the reason I want a short design is that ending with an incomplete repeat of the design at one end would look crappy)

Now I still have to figure out what to do with the red/orange/brown gradient. And clone myself a few times in order to accomplish all this knitting. ;p

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