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Went to the annual Calgary Fibre Arts Fair today and came home with new snuggly things! I definitely had some sort of red preference going on (last year was browns/greens/yellows) ... possibly after the warmth since winter has hit us suddenly and hard (Tuesday it was raining, Thursday we had the beginning of a two-day snow dump and -20C windchills)

Upper left and bottom are two skeins of one-of-a-kind handspuns by Fibre Goddess; the larger one is named "Peaceful in Pink" (100% Targhee wool) and she told me she spun it as a gradient, so whatever I knit from it is going to slowly shade from the palest beiges/pinks to chocolaty brown with a hint of burgundy. The smaller, much more vivid skein has no name ... it's 50% Merino wool/50% silk and looks as if it'll have some sort of striping effect. Item #3 is a Shawl Ball (100% Merino wool) dyed by Freia Fine Handpaints ... another gradient dyed to change from soft brown to red. From the kinks I can see in the centre brown section this was dyed while the yarn was in the form of a knitted rectangular length (called a yarn blank) and then unravelled and rewound into a cake form. There's another technique where plain yarn is wound into cakes and then dyed by injecting pigments into the cake with a syringe to make the different colour layers ... these can actually be more fun since one can never be sure how the colours will have traveled/blended within the cake until one starts to knit it.

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