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Yesterday's squishy mail

Realized it had been ages since I'd shopped at Indigodragonfly; just got sorta caught up in the local dyers and spinners who've been offering temptations both online and via Calgary's now-annual fibre festival (plus the crazy at work which hasn't left me anywhere near enough time to make a dent in the yarn stash). Having developed a love of big skeins for shawls that = no yarn-joining, I was delighted to discover that they had some Polwarth Silk on offer ... these are each a quarter-kilo of yarn (a half-pound for those of you still on the archaic system) and a whopping 617 metres (675 yards) of 85% Polwarth wool/15% silk.

The teal with black overdye is "If You Really Wanted To Mess Me Up, You Should've Gotten To Me Sooner! (High Fidelity)", the purple (which is darker than it appears in the photo ... why do scanners and digital cameras object to the existence of purple?) is "In A World Of Locked Rooms, The Man With The Key Is King. (Moriarty)"

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