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Knitting progress ...

Sackville Shawl in Gauge Dye Works' "Peacock" stripe sequence still progressing ... just getting slower as the rows get longer (takes me about half an hour to knit a patterning row now; alternating plain rows are a wee bit faster). Work coffee break socks are also progressing.

Another reason the shawl is slowing down is that I'm indulging in the joy of reading again now that work's project flood/overtime is starting to wind down. Recently discovered Dover's Doomsday Classics collection; have finished Margaret St. Clair's "Sign of the Labrys" and have Fritz Leiber's "The Night of the Long Knives" and George Allan England's "Darkness & Dawn" loaded into my ereader, just waiting for me to finish my sidetrack into a little Barbara Paul binge (reading "Bride of the Rat God" right now and then I've three more of hers queued up)

(funny how this shawl consistently photographs with strong diagonal lines on one side and strong verticals on the other ... must be the angle of light from the window as the lace is actually mirror imaged and doesn't have those biases when looked at without a camera)

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