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Nostalgia with giggles - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Nostalgia with giggles
Have been rewatching "Barney Miller" DVDs recently ... between the heat and the smoke I'd pretty much no urge to go out anywhere that wasn't essential. For all the sideburns and fat ties, this show remains pretty timeless ... squadrooms may have computers instead of ancient manual typewriters but police work remains police work.

And along with wallowing in the glory that is a show in which every member of the regular cast and the guest cast can ACT!, I still have to giggle at the fact that mid-forties Abe Vigoda played a character in his sixties while sixty-something Jack Soo played a character in his mid-forties. Casting logic at its finest!

A couple of great Jack Soo moments (his character, Nick Yemana, is from Nebraska)

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