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Oh terrific - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Oh terrific
Have just discovered that one can't use the "#" for indicating numbering ... it's actual meaning and use ... in crossposts because some ignorant moron programmer over at LJ who's never used it for anything but hashtagging has decided that all use of "#" in a post will now be automatically turned into tags for the poster's inconvenience.

Just removed a bunch of these pointless, useless automatic tags from my LJ and they appear to be staying removed on the second try (have to use tag management, just deleting them from the post's tag box won't do it). They're still showing as links in the body of the post though, and there isn't any auto-coding I can remove to disable that. Shall have to troll (old fishing meaning of the word) through journal settings and see if there's a way to turn the thing off.

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