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Progress! - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
This is turning out to be very addictive yarn ... keeps one doing the one-more-row thing trying to get to the next colour change. Just starting colour #6 in this photo, with #7 (a darker blue with less green to it) just peeping through in the yarn ball. At least two more colours in the blue/purple family after that one and may even be a third. Hard to tell as it turns out I have a non-standard skein of this colourway as the first three colours are different from the dyers' and other knitters' photos ... they all show rose, orange, gold/yellow while I have lilac, khaki, moss green (with a rose/tan tint towards the outer edge), starting with colour #4 (the yellow/green) my skein then follows the "official" sequence. So far. ;-)

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