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Trying to decide ...

... if my brain is trying to destroy me or is merely exceptionally inspired. Because it wants me to take the bright rainbow and grey/black yarns from yesterday's post and make a Stencil with them.

Note that Stencil is a two colour brioche pattern so the rainbow colours would dominate on one side and the grey/black on the other. Add to that the fact that each of these yarns has a different patterning within its colours (the rainbow slowly shifts through the spectrum without repeating any colours while the grey/black starts with alternating medium grey stripes at one end and those fade/darken until it is pale grey and black stripes at the other end) so the whole thing would be visually spectacular. And these yarn skeins are BIG so this would not be a small shawl since the whole point of the dye jobs is to use the whole skein.

Or maybe I should use the same yarn combo to make a really big Stegosaurus (also two-colour brioche) because that colour reverse on the edge is lovely.

P.S. Just for the record, I have a scarf that I knitted using the two-colour brioche technique, so I do have some idea of what I'd be getting into stitchwise (you do it by knitting each row twice, even-numbered stitches with one colour, then back to the beginning and knit the odd-numbered stitches with the other colour)

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