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Because I could no longer resist ...

... I wound some yarn last night. One of those specially-dyed-for-shawlmaking striped skeins; this one's "Peacock". Thanks to the cashmere content this stuff is a major seduction to one's sense of touch. Tried to get an angle where the colour changes are visible deeper down.

Also, socks being worked on during coffee at work. Discovered I had an incorrect stitch count on one side of one sock in the grey-with-colour-splotches pair, couldn't find where the error occurred (I know the stitch count was correct when I transitioned from the toe to the foot portion), and so undid them ... the yarn needed to be washed to get the kinks out before I can reknit it so I grabbed another colourway of the same yarn that was already wound for sock-making.

I think the colours alone would keep my feet warm in winter; the actual wool is just bonus insulation. ;-)

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