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The countdown begins!!!

Todd Lockwood has revealed the cover art for C.J. Cherryh's 2018 volume in the "Foreigner" series: "Emergence". And I've a shorter wait as this one is coming out in early January instead of the usual April release. Just as well as this cover is EVIL ... I shall be spending the next halfyear going crazy trying to figure out who the guy who appears to have been shot is. (okay, definitely not Toby, 'cause he was on the last cover and this guy looks nothing like him. Looks too old to be Jason. Could be Braddock, though he's more likely to be the shooter or the money/power behind the shooter. Hopefully not Shaun. Not likely to be a wannabe assassin taken down after an attempt on Bren; size of the gun Banichi's toting he'd be a red mist ... and Banichi shoots to kill, not to wound)

P.S. Nice to see atevi finally portrayed to scale with humans again; they'd been slowly shrinking in the past few covers (Banichi is 2.5 metres tall which is 8'4" in archaic measurement)

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