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Perfectly logical, right?

Very little time to knit but always time to yarn shop (because one can finish that in minutes!)

So now, soon coming from Gauge Dye Works to live in my stash, are big shawl-sized skein of:
Ocean Sunset

All colourful, which is what I want in something I wear in the gloomier parts of the year, and if you look at the stripe-patterning bar below each skein photo you'll see that each of them is their own sort of special; the idea is to base your stitching on this company's stripe/colour change patterning rather than on number of rows/centimetres/inches.

There's quite a few colourways I covet that are sold out right now ... I'm dreaming of getting my hands on Bright Orange, Chesterfield, Olive Branch, Phi, and G Biv someday ...

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