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Melting ...

Southern Alberta has been under an official heat warning for the past three days with several more days to come.

It's 33C right now which, while hot, may not seem excessively so. But our humidity is currently 18%. Which means the air is sucking massive amounts of moisture out of every human pore and orifice it can reach ... it's possible to seriously dehydrate very fast in weather like this.

And today is the first day of the Calgary Stampede. Which means thousands of tourists who have no experience with this type of weather (most places in Canada the air is soggy when it's hot) have arrived and quite a few will likely be taking surprise (to them) advantage of the city's fine first aid, ambulance, and hospital services due to not consuming enough water AND enough salt. I expect to be hearing a lot of sirens this weekend (through my tightly shut against the heat windows)

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