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Pretties on the way ...

Because I have lots of yarn and no time to knit it (work is insane this year but that's a whole 'nother post), but I end up buying more of the stuff because hand dyed/painted, limited editions, one of a kinds ... well, you see the problem. These things are often a case of buy when you see it because it's only available for five minutes and then it's gone forever. And shopping is so much faster than actually knitting.

So due to that logic, skeins of Gauge Dye Works River Rock and Small Batch 006 (see? so limited they aren't even bothering to give it a name!) are coming to live with me.

My excuse, such as it is, is that besides the lovely colours/shading, these are shawl-sized skeins ... nearly twice the amount of yarn that one usually gets in a skein of yarn. See, the downside of the amazing indie yarns (as opposed to the factory-dyed, perfectly-matching-dyelot big companies) is that even two skeins dyed in the same pot will be slightly different (depending on how they are dumped in/fished out). If hand painting is involved then there's the added issue that spacing/distribution of colours will vary because it's all being judged by human eye rather than accurately measured by machine. Even a couple millimetres' difference in the skein will be glaringly mismatched in the knitting. So making a large shawl gets tricky ... safest thing is to do something that involves stripes or other colour patterning so that one can use multiple skeins without having the mismatch thing happening. But I'm not really a huge fan of stripes (aside from those in self-patterning yarns) or contrasting borders that just look like "I ran out of the first colour so just banged on a random different colour" (I prefer some integration between multiple colours so that it looks planned rather than accidental). And sometimes one just wants to knit just one skein from end to end with no extra ends to weave in or trying to figure out what looks good with what.

Plus it's a Canadian dyer in the province next door (gotta support the small local businesses!) and she gets rave reviews for the quality of her work.

And it's PRETTY!!!

Just to prove that I'm not just hoarding, that things are still actually being made ... even if only at the rate of one complete round per coffee break at work ... See!!! Hand painted! These are two halves of a single skein and there's a definite difference in accent colour distribution (though the photo is lying about the background colour as they are both the same blue/grey) ... something I'm quite happy with in socks but really don't want to see happening this drastically in two sleeves of a sweater)

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