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Yeah, I know, it's all self-inflicted ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Yeah, I know, it's all self-inflicted ...
Got myself a doubleheader of knittable things to add to my list of things I must find time to knit ... both of Lucy Hague's pattern books. "Celtic Cable Shawls" in paper and oh, what luscious photos of ancient jewelry and carved stones as well as knotwork-adorned knitted loveliness; "Illuminated Knits" is ebook-only and isn't quite complete ... one more pattern will be added as an update once it's ready and I'm sure it'll be just as gorgeous as the three already available.

Wanna see? The links below show what's in each book (I know I've drooled over individual Hague patterns before but that's nothing compared to seeing several at once)

Celtic Cable Shawls
Illuminated Knits

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